An Update from us on COVID-19

With each passing day we are all attempting to embrace this pandemic. That word will forever have new meaning to all of us. I will be communicating with you through email and Facebook and will be presenting webinars to keep you abreast of how things are changing. In addition, please share with me topics of interest regarding COVID so that I produce content that is pertinent to your needs and concerns.

We are all inundated with messages and I wish to not be just one more, but actually help alleviate your fears and stresses during this time.

  • Supplement Orders. All supplement orders can be ordered by way of the telephone and paid for with a debit or credit card. I can either have these delivered directly to you via mail. They can be dropped shipped directly from the company, or you can pick them up at our office.

  • Additional Precautions. All of our patients receive confirmation via email or text regarding their appointment . Therefore, if you have been exposed or think that you may have been exposed, please call the office immediately and we will reschedule you. To date, we are requiring masks that completely cover the nose and mouth in the office.

  • Nutritional Appointments Virtual. These can be scheduled virtually or in person, To date, most patients are having in-person appointments.

  • Facebook Group. Please join us on Facebook to talk with others about things other than the CoronaVirus. 

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8:00am - 1:00pm
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