An Update from us on COVID-19

With each passing day we are all attempting to embrace this pandemic. That word will forever have new meaning to all of us. I will be communicating with you through email and Facebook and will be presenting webinars to keep you abreast of how things are changing. In addition, please share with me topics of interest so that I produce content that is pertinent to your needs.

We are all inundated with messages and I wish to not be just one more, but actually help alleviate your fears and stresses during this time.

  • Changes to my hours and the day-to-day operations of the practice. My patients will be spread apart with a minimum of 30 minutes per patient providing time for me to clean the office surfaces, doorknobs, etc. I will be working longer hours (shorten lunch hours) and later in the evening.

  • Cleaning Practices. Each patient is required to wait in their car until the previous patient is on their way out. I will be cleaning the door handles, etc. after each patient with Lysol. (the office now has a distinct odor). Please do not bring others in to the office unless they need your physical assistance. When you enter the office you must use a wipe that is provided at the door and purell your hands and wipe off the doorknob before entering. You need to bring your own pen in the event you need to sign a receipt or I can do that for you if you wish. There are no sign in sheets as I am filling those out for you. All tables are being lysoled after treatment as well my chairs, water cooler, doorknobs to treatment rooms and my ultrasound/therapy machine. Your credit cards will also be wiped after usage.

  • Supplement Orders. All supplement orders can be ordered through by way of the telephone and paid for with a debit or credit card. I can either deliver these directly to you, they can be mailed, or they can be dropped shipped.

  • Gift Cards. Gift cards are available for patients that can be used at a later date for services in the event that someone you know might need care, but is reluctant to seek treatment.

  • Additional Precautions. Please note that all patients will be called via telephone prior to their appointment to ensure that it is safe for you to come in to the office. I have a list of questions that you will be asked in an effort to screen you. All magazines and printed reading materials have been removed from the office so as to prevent the potential spread.

  • Nutritional Appointments Virtual. I am strongly encouraging my nutritional patients to schedule a virtual appointment unless it is necessary for me to see them. This will be a joint decision between myself and the patient. All new nutritional consultations will be done via telephone.

  • 15 Minute Consultations. For individuals who are not patients or who need a brief consultation regarding nutritional advice for their immune system, how to handle stress/anxiety, or other conditions for which they are seeking alternative approaches, I am offering this at a discounted rate during this time for only $50.00 for 15 minutes. You might have a friend or loved one that is needing guidance at this time and would prefer a nutritional approach. This will not include my usual comprehensive consultations; it is more basic in an attempt to help others and understanding the financial stress of this time period.

  • Acute Patients and Primary Physicians. The expectation is that primary physicians will become overwhelmed with this situation. I am contacting all local physicians that surround my office in the event they might have patients in acute neuromusculoskeletal pain (neck pain, low back pain, etc.) to assist those patients during this time and help alleviate the burden of this crisis. Please contact me with your doctor's name and number and I will contact them as well. People are still going to be in pain and need a safe option as they are recommended to avoid emergency rooms.

  • Facebook Group. I will be setting up a Facebook group and inviting my patients to join in an effort to talk about something other than the coronavirus. We all need the support of each other during this time. I need you to help me to understand your needs at this time. I can disseminate information I receive to you as we are all indoors right now and are not witnessing the beauty of the season.

I miss all of you at this time. Please accept my virtual hug!

Until we meet again.....

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