Have You Been Exposed to CoVID-19?

Have You Been Exposed to CoVID-19?

One of the biggest fears that many people have is whether or not they have been exposed if they have a mild sore throat, or a tickle in their throat. Now there is testing available that can tell you more than a yes (positive) or a no (negative). Your Wilmington chiropractor can now do a blood test for the IgG and IgM antibodies to ascertain if you've been infected and where you are in the infectious process. This is vital information if you are working or if you are around vulnerable individuals or if you just wish to know how your immune system might have reacted to exposure to the coronavirus.

Why is this more useful than RT-PCR technology? When we combine the IgM and IgG Antibody tests we can determine if someone is currently infected, if they've been infected in the past, how long the patient was infected, and whether the patient may now have immunity. There is also less chance of cross contamination in a blood draw that doing, say, a nasopharyngeal sample for coronavirus. The antibody testing is assessing the body's response to the pathogen (virus). Whereas, RT-PCR testing (swab) is a test for the presence of the virus on the mucosal membranes of the nasal passages and does not provide any information about the individual response or immunity to the virus.

How does this work? What are IgM and IgG antibodies? The presence of IgM antibodies is an indication that the patient had recently contracted the virus. These antibodies are the body's first line of defense against a pathogen or virus. So this would indicate a recent infection. These most often are detectable at 3-5 days following initial infection, the point where most individuals start to present symptoms (or up to 14 days), but might be asymptomatic as well. IgM antibodies peak and drop down around week 3 of infection at which point the IgG levels will start to rise at weeks 4-6. The presence of IgG antibodies tells us that the patients has had the virus for a longer period of time because IgG starts to increase when IgM decreases. IgG may be produced for years while IgM antibodies most often disappear after some 2-3 weeks. The higher the IgG antibodies, the less likely someone is to be reinfected at some point with the virus in the future. This has yet to be proven for SARS-CoV2.

Below is a graph that shows how the IgM antibodies are produced early in the infection and the IgG is produced for the longer term.

Typical IgM and IgG Antibody Profile After Infection

The key to the benefit of doing this testing is that is can tell you if you've been exposed despite the absence of symptoms providing information about your immune resilience. It also is beneficial to those in your circle of family and friends helping to prevent the spread if you are not feeling well, are producing IgM antibodies and it has only been a few days. The information that can be gleaned from this testing is beneficial to you, your friends and your family.

Blood can be drawn at Quest Laboratories or a private phlebotomist can either come to your home (with full PPE) or at my office. It is simple to utilize in that I provide the kit containing the vial for the blood draw, you have the 2ml sample drawn and it is sent to Great Plains Laboratory. Within 2-3 days, I will have the results and we can review them together.

For further information please contact me at 302-994-1010 or fill out my contact form on this website. You can also read about Great Plains Laboratory at www.greatplainslaboratory.com.

In addition, insurance companies have offered to reimburse for the testing.

Together, taking the right actions, we can stop the spread and save lives.


Are you considering getting tested? Read more about the COVID-19 antibody test.

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