New Chiropractic Patient Paperwork

Crosser Natural Health offers our patient form(s) online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office.

How Do You Become A Patient?

Becoming a patient here at Crosser Chiropractic is simple!

Because our goal is to get the best results for you from our care, it is necessary for us to be thorough and move through a deliberate process. There are basically 4 steps necessary to become a patient:

  1. Initial Telephone Call
  2. Initial Consultation
  3. Comprehensive Evaluation
  4. Report of Findings(Your Individual Treatment/Care Plan)

Step 1: Initial Phone Call
Call us. This call is to learn a bit about the reason you are seeking our services to see if you qualify for our care. There are many reasons why someone may not qualify to work with us to include their specific health condition, the goals that they have or do have, as well as the commitment necessary for a comprehensive approach such as ours. This step is necessary so we can avoid a potential source of future miscommunication.

Step 2: Initial Consultation
Your initial consultation will entail the visit to the office to meet with the doctor. Because we also do long distance consulting, this may be performed via phone or face time. Prior to this visit, please be sure you've retained copies of any testing that you may have at a maximum of six months old.

This step is where we go in dept to assess your case. The history and current status will be reviewed. This visit will provide information for the doctor to know what further diagnostic recommendations are necessary to be ordered by our office.

This is the stop where many questions may be answered such as:

  1. Can you help me?
  2. How much will this cost?
  3. How long will this process take?
  4. How many visits will I need?
  5. Do I need to alter my lifestyle?

It is here at this step where you decide if you wish to continue with care. If you choose to we then begin the complete evaluation. In some cases, nutritional recommendations may start on this visit rather than waiting for complete lab data in an effort to begin to address the health condition.

Step 3: Complete Evaluation
This examination is a comprehensive assessment of your nervous system that is done on a separate appointment to look at the brain and the rest of the nervous system. The doctor will have questionnaires to assess the functioning of the brain as well as to determine if there are any nutritive factors that may be affecting your nervous system function.

Any additional testing will be ordered as we deem beneficial to address the cause of your health condition, such as bloodwork, stool testing, food sensitivity testing, or genetic testing. We will receive the results of your testing when they are forwarded to us by the facility/lab at which they are performed outside of our office.

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